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Sunday, January 11th

Having been in the golf business for over 15 years now, I have been around players of every ability.  From beginners, to adaptive players, to tour players, The one thing every player has in common, is the desire to improve their game.  It seems that no matter what your ability, it is human nature to want to improve, get better, shoot lower scores, and enjoy being outside. 

Here at Indianwood, we have developed a program to help players improve, and have a great time while doing that.  We call it the Grip It & Sip It Lesson Series.  It's a 45 minute group clinic, then we play 4 holes of golf to reinforce the topic of the day, and finish at the Bar with a cocktail to recap the day.  Its a lot of information, a lot of fun, and oh, by the way, its only $15 per person.

This past week, we discussed several aspects of the full swing.  We could spend hours breaking down the mechanics of a sound swing, and get into the nitty gritty details of angles and planes and hand position.  But what we focused on was just the basics, the common mistakes we see every day.  Most issues with the golf swing happen as a result of poor grip or poor set up.  If you can get yourself into an athletic position, you will greatly improve your ability to strike a golf ball solidly.  Never underestimate the importance of a good starting position.  As we say to almost every student, if you are struggling with your game, have someone take a look at your set up position.  Most likely, a few tweaks will help get you back on track.